Sunday, 2 April 2017

Inquiry Activities Continued

This block I decided to complete the first task: Find 3 websites that suggest methods of making the change you want; write down at least 5 of these to try.

This website gave some excellent tips on how to be resilient in your chosen career. One of the suggestions I would like to look into is number 1: “Get Connected. Develop a strong network of positive relationships. Go out to events even when you don’t feel like it.  Join groups.  Recruit mentors and find ways to mentor others.” I definitely want to expand on this idea, it is another way I can get information: from people.

Another tip was: "Choose optimism. Positive people are more resilient than pessimists, and you can work to become more optimistic.  A starting point is to stop thinking so much about what goes wrong and start focusing on what goes right." I think being optimistic about this inquiry and the challenges it will present will help me get the full benefits and get the most out of this experience. 

I thought that this tip was very good for my inquiry because I always worry about things and doing too much.
"Don’t rush. This is a business (you are that business) that takes time to build. Set attainable and reasonable goals such as finding the best classes for you and starting to work on your skills and craft and art. Don’t stress yourself out that you have to be auditioning for and meeting casting directors right away. Get your ducks in a row before you put yourself out there, so you can make the best possible first impression." 

Another tip from the same website that I thought was great:
"Start by taking every opportunity to act for its own sake—in class, in a play, in something you shoot on your own. When you do that consistently, the business reveals itself."
I would like to take on this  kind of method because it is easy to incorporate into my life and will make this inquiry less stressful. I am already getting experience in Shakespeare and productions in school and because I am into drama I got invited by Leigh to be one of the extras for the Power Rangers T.V show. 

Tip: Being a good person is just as important as being a good actor. 
At a certain level, any of the five people up for a part could do a good job in the role. Are you someone I want to be in a rehearsal room with for a month? A movie set for six months? A TV series for seven years? It takes time to build a reputation. The way you do that is by treating everyone with respect and trying your best to do good work.

It takes persistence to have a life in this business. If you really are going to spend your life as an actor, then the fact that the first year or two was hard is a drop in the bucket. I need to be aware of this if I want to have a successful career and inquiry. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017


In hub today we continued working on personal inquiries, and mine is:

How might I be resilient and purposeful in researching and pursuing a starting career in acting?

I chose this goal because when I was stuck for ideas and we were having a community talk, Jayne also suggested that these inquiries would be a great way to research in careers that you are interested in, and this sparked some interest in me. I also thought this inquiry topic could be a good idea to become more purposeful and resilient, and doing this inquiry can later influence challenges where I have to be resilient, I will find it a lot easier to stick to something than just give up.

To help us with this inquiry, Tracey put together a hub inquiry worksheet, and you get a certain amount of points for each activity.
The first one I picked was figuring out what personality type you were, and how this could influence your inquiry? (one point)

I got Protagonist for my result and I think that this is 100% correct.
“Protagonists are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team with infectious enthusiasm.” I think that this is so true, and this will fortunately help me with persevering with my inquiry because that is what my personality is like. When I an passionate about something, my work ethic is better and my perseverance is greater. This is another reason why I chose this topic, I am very enthusiastic about acting and performing.

Another activity that I did today is a question grid to get me thinking about smaller questions to ask about my inquiry. I will put the link here:

(As I do more and more activities, I will write them down in my blog.)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Blogs with critical friend

So in our hub we have these things called Critical Friends, which is a person you might not be really good friends with but you help them with your learning goals, etc.

So my Critical Friend is Jade and his goals are that he wants to exercise more and learn to type faster.

"How might I achieve my goals of exercising more and learning to type fast."

As his Critical Friend I am going to help him with his goals by supporting him. I am going to do this by doing regular check ups in hub, to see if he is completing his goals. I will also make suggestions like different types of typing programs online, and helping him set a exercise weekly plan. Another suggestion I would have for him is to see what kind of exercise would benefit him the most, for example: cardiovascular endurance, weight lifting, flexibility...etc.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Herrmann's Brain cards

It's the first week back at school here in NZ and for a hub activity we each chose our top 8 herrmann cards that we thought best represented us. Each card that you chose would either be:
Each card had a personality trait with one of those colours. The cards that I chose majorly consisted of red and yellow (cooperative, communicative, empathetic and spontaneous, artistic and playful)(three of each) with two green (practical and rule follower). 
Tracey then told us that the different colours meant different personalities. Red means that you are relatable and social, yellow is more creative, green means to be organised and blue is about strategizing. 
Reflecting on this information, I can see that my greatest strengths are that I am equally good at working together with people and coming up with ideas. This makes sense to me because I already knew that I was good at these two aspects- so it adds up. I have always prefered to work in groups and I am constantly sharing ideas and developing more creative interests of mine, like writing, dancing, art...etc. Another aspect which I have shown- not as strongly- is green: which is being organised. This one was more of a surprise than yellow or red cards, but if I am interested in a subject I tend to be more organised. Other than that I'm complete chaos, there is no in-between. :)
Some work ons for me would be the fact that I didn't chose any strategizing (blue) cards, meaning that I am weak in this area. This also makes sense because maths involves a lot of strategizing, and lots of blue qualities, and I am also not that good in maths. In conclusion this was very eye opening and I hope we do more stuff like this soon, so I can improve. 

Sunday, 30 October 2016


Today in hub we watched some Ted Talks, per usual, about resilience. We were asked to blog our opinions on a few questions my hub coach asked us.
 Here we go...

How would you describe resilience to the Blue Toad (Tracey's son), if he asked us?

Resilience is about not giving up when times are tough. Resilience is about, yes, carrying on running when you want to quit, but it's also so much more than that. Resilience can mean finishing your homework on time, or trying something a second time when you failed on the first go. Trying something once does not mean you are bad at something. If you keep going, you might actually find that you enjoy it more the second time, and then you can be good at all sorts of things!

How resilient am I?
For me it depends. In sport- very. I can confidently say that I always try hard and push myself to do better. Maybe it's because I'm competitive? :)
In other subjects like maths I definitely think that I could try harder.
I mean, we can always try harder in everything we do, right? (something to think about)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

What is Contributive? Hub Questions.

What is Contributive?
Being contibutive is about sharing your services or your goods to a cause. To be contributive is to help when you can, and to be a successful member in a group, for example: contributing your ideas to a group to help achieve the end goal.

How was the the fundraiser Contributive?
Okay, so before I answer this question, I'll briefly explain. my hub did a fundraiser for a lady named Heather who had terminal cancer- we wanted to contribute to the payment of her medicine so that she passed away peacefully. :(
To achieve this we each got into groups and in each group we organised a part of the funraiser. The boys did a game tournament, Evie and Ella hired zorb football which was really fun, Petra, Matthew and Isabella did a sausage sizzle and Rose Elise and I worked the candyfloss machine. This was really fun.

I think that my hub was contributive because we organised this with no help from any teachers, we all shared our ideas, we all planned our events and bought supplies, On the day we all helped out and we all made it a success.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Goals Term Three

So for term three I have decided to make two new goals: Purposeful and Science. I have kind of linked these two goals together because I do not know a lot about the periodic table, and chemistry (science), so I want to be purposeful about this. In my class purple rain I am learning about this area of science so for my strategy I want to be purposeful and learn as much as I can to be prepared for NCEA next year.