Thursday, 9 February 2017

Herrmann's Brain cards

It's the first week back at school here in NZ and for a hub activity we each chose our top 8 herrmann cards that we thought best represented us. Each card that you chose would either be:
Each card had a personality trait with one of those colours. The cards that I chose majorly consisted of red and yellow (cooperative, communicative, empathetic and spontaneous, artistic and playful)(three of each) with two green (practical and rule follower). 
Tracey then told us that the different colours meant different personalities. Red means that you are relatable and social, yellow is more creative, green means to be organised and blue is about strategizing. 
Reflecting on this information, I can see that my greatest strengths are that I am equally good at working together with people and coming up with ideas. This makes sense to me because I already knew that I was good at these two aspects- so it adds up. I have always prefered to work in groups and I am constantly sharing ideas and developing more creative interests of mine, like writing, dancing, art...etc. Another aspect which I have shown- not as strongly- is green: which is being organised. This one was more of a surprise than yellow or red cards, but if I am interested in a subject I tend to be more organised. Other than that I'm complete chaos, there is no in-between. :)
Some work ons for me would be the fact that I didn't chose any strategizing (blue) cards, meaning that I am weak in this area. This also makes sense because maths involves a lot of strategizing, and lots of blue qualities, and I am also not that good in maths. In conclusion this was very eye opening and I hope we do more stuff like this soon, so I can improve. 

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